Yeet Blaster

About this project

This project was a part of my 1st year Game Development module, and was the first game I ever made using the Unity Engine. It presented many challenges for me as I had not yet familiarised myself with how Unity worked, I had to figure a lot of things out along the way (many hours on the internet looking for explanations of Unity). Earlier in the year as groups we had to come up with a main game mechanic to build on, which ended up being sidescrolling shooter. Once that had been implemented we all went our seperate ways to build on the mechanic as we thought was best.

The sound effects are pretty silly as I was only looking for placeholders, but once the project was over I decided to move onto other things rather than update the sounds.

What I did

- Base mechanics/physics scripts (all C#)

- Configuring animations with animation controllers (assets sourced elsewhere)

- Implementing audio (sourced from elsewhere)

- Simple boss/enemy AI

- Screenshake and Parallax

- All UI and menu scripts