Sombrero Hunter

About this project

This was a second year project for our Game Development module. In a group of four we were allowed to make any type of game we wanted. We decided on a 3D game because none of us had ever tried one before and we wanted to learn new things and challenge ourselves while creating our project. It is based in the Sombrero Galaxy and focuses on some RPG elements, with a simple tracking system and boss fights. We limited it to just a tutorial level to reduce the amount of level design and building we would have to do. There are some images below:

What I did

- Base mechanics/physics scripts (all C#)

- Configuring animations for assets (assets sourced from Unity store)

- Simple combat registration

- Combat against enemies

- Camera movement and control

- Procedural generation of land (Grid and perlin noise)

- Simple tracking and learning system with UI

- Boss enemy stat constructor and controller scripts

- Enemy minion attacks

- Boss enemy attacks and logic

- Tutorial level messages