Kai Dickinson's Portfolio

Kai Dickinson


I am currently studying BSc Games Programming at Goldsmiths, University of London and am looking for an internship in the games industry. Games have been a part of my life since I was very young and since beginning my degree, that interest has grown - not only for finished games, but in the programming, algorithms, design and even the decisions that go into creating a gaming experience. The course plays to my strengths, particularly problem-solving and logic, and has encouraged me to develop a real passion for a career in the games industry.

Techincal skills

- C++ and C#

- Use of Unity, OpenFrameworks, Git/GitKraken, Xcode and VisualStudio

- HTML5 and CSS

- Javascript

- Python


Goldsmiths University of London [2016 - 2020]

Course - BSc Game Programming (2:1)

City and Islington College

Electronics (C), Physics (D) and Geography (D).

Leytonstone School

10 GCSEs A-C : including Maths (A).


Decra Ltd - Workplace Assistant (February 2013 - March 2013)

- Assistant to workers in the factory

- Work on my own to start builds for other workers

Nautilus International - IT Intern (Part-time 2016-2018)


- Assisting the IT department in daily tasks

- Answering in office queries daily

- Cleaning up CRM database

- Creating intranets and HTML launchpads

Skills used/improved

- Verbal and written communication

- Resourcefulness

- Listening

- Existing IT skills

Hobbies and interests

There are a lot of game ideas and software ideas I’d like to create and I spend a lot of my time collecting ideas for the games I would one day like to make, as well as playing games. My favourite games to play are games like Dark Souls, League of Legends and Super Smash Bros or FPS games like CounterStrike, as well as racing games like Ride3/F1 or simulators like GPBikes and Project Cars/Assetto Corsa or games in those genres.

I hope to make a few games in my free time (which will appear in my future projects list soon) like simulators, but I want to create some general tools to showcase programming skills outside of the gaming industry.

My main hobby however is motorcycle racing. Every year I take part in a Motorcycle Racing championship (currently with BMCRC, but heading to British Superbikes in 2019), which takes place over 8/9 race weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) during the year. I enjoy racing mainly because of the constant challenges it brings on and off the circuit. Racing decisions need to be made all the time and sometimes in a fraction of a second, which could be the difference between 1st and 4th (it has happened to me). Off the circuit you need a drive to be healthy and ready for your next race, as well as mentally strong to believe you have the ability to do better. Racing is all about self-improvement and always finding something you could do better at. No one can be perfect at everything, but I can try.