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2021 will be my third year in the Junior Supersport class in the British Superbikes paddock, after a delayed and challenging 2020. Images will be uploaded soon and posts will be made on our team page Kai Dickinson Racing. If you'd like to be kept up to date, go ahead and give it a follow. Thanks!

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I am #20 in the images below, photo credit will be listed.

All timing sheets and live timing for British Superbikes can be found HERE


Pre-season cont.

The current pandemic situation has put a stop to the normal season running and means the majority of people are not able to ride, including ourselves. Although with more recent relaxation policies, we have been able to start a new pre-season and regain what was lost in the break. We've had visits to Mallory Park, BSB Official Test day, and a two day test with BMCRC at Brands Hatch.


During the Spain pre-season our arrangements were unexpectedly changed, as we ended up visiting Mora D'Ebre on the first day. A small local mini-bike track that offered a perfect way to shake-down the bike and myself after the winter. Following this, we spent two days riding at Cartagena Circuit with No Limits. Finally, we spent the Friday and Saturday at Aragon Kart. The most important part of the trip was to ride as much as possible and get the right feeling with the bike, ready for the start of the 2020 season.

We have planned some pre-season testing on the week of the 17th February, heading down to Spain and visiting a few circuits for some variety and to improve all aspects of my riding. I hope this helps me hit the ground running into 2020 as we don't have the opportunity to do this sort of thing often. I also hope this track time will show on the official BSB test at Silverstone on the 1st of April.


Donington Park GP 4th-6th October

Friday: Friday practice was a odd session, most people not sure of the tyre choice since it had been raining consistently and had only just stopped a little while before our session. Not looking to risk anything for practice I went out in the session with full wet setup and placed 15th of 43 riders. Qualifying later in the day was definitely dry but I just couldn't get to the pace I should have been at and ended up having to start race 1 30th of 44 riders.

Saturday: It was another triple header for us, with two races on saturday and one on sunday. Race 1 I was hoping to push through and get up to where I needed to be early in the race, but instead I ended up joining the Craners club and losing the front on the left at the bottom of the hill. I wasn't sure what had happened at the time, but I imagine it was down to a cold left hand side of the tyre. Anyone who has been to Donington knows there aren't many left handers, let alone any at high speed. It could also have been the suspension settings as they haven't been changed since Snetterton, which is a very flat circuit. We didn't make the second race of the day due to repairing the bike.

Sunday: We lost our grid position as we didn't race on saturday, so we were waiting around to find out from race control if we were allowed to race. Eventually they let us know we could not start, as they had replaced me on the grid and the grid limit is 40. Disappointing weekend but hopefully we can make up for it at Brands Hatch GP on the 18th-20th of October.

Oulton Park 6th-8th of September

Friday: Oulton Park is one of my favourite tracks in the country with its fast flowing sectors, undulations and bumps. Friday practice was spoiled by rain which made the track surface pretty miserable, with many riders falling in the session. There was no rain forecast for the weekend, so I just wanted to keep the bike on the tarmac and come back in one piece. I was struggling in Qualifying and lapping three seconds a lap slower than I had previously in April testing. I was trying to build up to a better lap time, but one of my friends crashed and knocked himself out; red flagging the session. Thankfully he was okay but had to stay overnight at hospital for routine monitoring. We were sent back out with two flying laps and I ruined the first one by going wide and almost high-siding at the first corner, I managed to go quicker on my second lap but unfortunately ended up 26th out of 42 riders.

Saturday: We had two races on Saturday and one on Sunday, due to the left over race from Knockhill. Race 1 was really just to get myself back up to where I needed to be for the next race, so I pushed up to the group of riders infront and battled with them till the end; finishing in 18th of 40. Race 2 I started in 21st and tried to make more improvements but ended up battling in the same group of about 9 riders, eventually finishing in 17th of 40. I did manage to match my April laptimes, which put me in 15th for the next race.

Sunday: Starting from 15th I got a good start and pushed up to 13th to follow the leading group. I struggled to stay there with all the overtaking and fell back from the leading group, but stayed in 13th for the majority of the race. I found myself in a last lap scrap with two other riders and didn't manage to get them at the line, which placed me 15th of 40. Disappointed I missed a chance for 13th but hopefully we can improve more for Donington Park GP.

The year as of 4th of August

We're currently 5 meetings into the season out of a total of 8. We've visited Silverstone, Donington Park National, Knockhill, Snetterton 300 and Thruxton. The three final meetings of the year are at Oulton Park, Donington Park GP and Brands Hatch GP.

This season has been more difficult than we anticipated but a great learning experience. We've been improving how we plan and work over the weekend to try and get the best out of the rider and bike. Here are some of our summaries from the 2019 season so far:

Silverstone National 19th-21st April

This was our first visit to this circuit layout but we were learning quickly and able to climb positions. Race 1 was fairly uneventful and put me in 18th place at the finish out of a grid of 39 riders. Race 2 was a huge improvement, getting a good start and starting to battle for 12th position. There were about 6 or 7 riders battling and we ended up getting tangled with another at Brooklands, which took me out of the race and out of my first points scoring position.

Donington Park National 24th-26th May

We had been to Donington National before and it was actually where we got our first ever win, so expectations were a little higher than at Silverstone. However, the weekend didn't go particularly well I didn't feel able to push myself in the races. Race 1 was wet and we barely managed to get the wet tyres on before the race started, so they were cold. We also forgot to pump the brakes so I almost drove into someones caravan on the way out of the paddock! I ended up battling with one other rider and finished 21st out of 39 riders. Race 2 was just as unimpressive as there was no last lap flag so I wasn't riding defensively when I needed to, so I finished 24th out of 40 riders.

Knockhill 28th-30th June

Another circuit we had never been to, which took us 9 hours to drive to. There were four planned races at Knockhill and Race 1 saw me push through the field into the top 15, before being pushed into the gravel at turn 3 by another rider. I barely stayed on and had to rejoin in 28th, but managed to regain some places to 21st out of 36 riders before the end of the race. Race 2 on Saturday was cancelled due to a thunderstorm and an absolutely miserable track surface (The cancelled race is being held at Oulton Park). Race 3 was wet and I managed to catch the group battling for 13th but eventually fell back into another group, which put me 21st out of 36 again. The final race was dry and I managed to claim a few places without getting stuck in battles and finished 18th out of 36.

Snetterton 300 19th-21st July

We are familiar with Snetterton 300 but I haven't had the best of luck there in the past. Race 1 was pretty dull and left me alone in 18th for the majority of the race, out of 39 riders. Race 2 was far more interesting as I was in a huge group of riders all the way up to 9th place. A couple of silly overtaking attempts from others left us falling away from the leading riders and I pushed the last two laps to get into 15th. I lined up two riders for a slipstream pass across the line but another person had crashed on the final corner and yellow flags were out, meaning I would be penalised for passing. However, we finally claimed our first championship point in Junior Supersport with 15th out of 36.

Thruxton 2nd-4th August

First time at Thruxton and we started off well as I improved my laptimes quicker than I ever had before. Race 1 I was tangled in a group of at least ten other riders for the majority of the race, but eventually the group got split up. I ended up in a group battling for 12th but couldn't quite get into the front and ended up 16th out of 36 people. Race 2 was cancelled due to lack of time and track curfew (It has been carried over to the Donington Park GP weekend).

Exiting the final corner at Snetterton 300

Image by Jade Goodison Photography

Riding the 400 for the first time at Brands Hatch

Heading to the Silverstone Official test with British Superbikes as well as a race weekend with BMCRC at Oulton Park between 28th and 31st of March.


2018 was my most successful year, landing me on the podium 18 times and bagging my first win. I finished the season 2nd in the Team Green Championship and 2nd in the Team Green Senior Championship. Podium breakdown: 1st - 1; 2nd - 10; 3rd - 7.

Photos below by Mitch DuCran Photography

Wheelie over the mountain at Cadwell Park
Wheelie over the mountain at Cadwell Park
Leading the way through Hall bends at Cadwell Park
Leading the way at the goose neck at Cadwell Park